Meet The Team

TCMRentals Coastal is a local business that provides a personal boutique style of management which allows each landlord to receive the individual attention they may need or require.  They have a fresh take on property management with a commitment to professional service and a proactive attitude. TCMRentals Coastal are not the largest agency around and because of this, they can ensure that they always have the time to address issues that may arise and to help you or your tenants when needed.

Managing Director

Kelly Roberts


Kelly is the Managing Director of TCMRentals Coastal and TCM Strata Coastal in Kingscliff, in addition to TCMStrata, TCMRentals and TCMSales in Cairns. She is not only a licensed Real Estate Agent, but also a qualified Property Valuer, the Senior Vice President of Strata Community Association (Qld), a branch committee member of UDIA, a Certified Strata Manager and registered BAS agent. Kelly holds a Bachelor of Property and will complete a Masters of Law in 2018. 

With over 22 years in the property industry, with experience in real estate sales, strata management, property management and valuation, Kelly has a distinct advantage over her competitors and is passionate about property and proud of her vast industry knowledge. Kelly has earned her industry experience working in not only North Queensland but also Sydney, Melbourne, the UK and Europe. She returned to Cairns over 14 years ago and is settled here with her husband and family. Kelly is grateful to call this beautiful region home and looks forward to helping you pursue your property dreams.


Greg Roberts


Greg is the founding partner and a Director of TCMRentals Coastal and TCMStrata Coastal based in Kingscliff, in addition to TCMStrata, TCMRentals and TCMSales in Cairns. On the strata side of the business, Greg has and has been instrumental in the company’s acquisition of a further six strata management companies, and a growth rate in excess of 30% per annum over the last 21 years. 

In addition, he has created and directed numerous directional changes in the strata industry at board level as a Director.  Greg is a practising Strata Manager, a licenced Real Estate Agent, and has held numerous senior positions in various industry bodies in Queensland. He plays a critical strategic role within TCM Rentals Sales Strata, and also co-owns and manages an online website company in the Australian real estate market known as Snaptransact.

Branch Manager

Peter Humphries

Phone: 02 6678 2405

Peter manages the TCM Rentals Strata Coastal branch, overseeing the strata and property management teams.  He spent the last 10 years working for StrataMax as a Training Manager and brings an enormous amount of knowledge and experience to our team. He holds exceptional leadership skills with a knack for finding the highest potential in people and building solid relationships and rapport. Prior to his role at StrataMax, Peter worked in the banking industry in training, communication and management roles. His ethos is to create an environment of personal development, confidence, support and safety for his colleagues and peers.

Senior Property Manager

Wendy Hotchkiss

Phone: 0447 334 225

Wendy is a highly organised professional with no less than 30 years of experience working in the fields of property management, law, construction, banking and property development. Wendy truly believes that TCMRentals Coastals personalised approach to property management sets them apart from other service providers in the area. She believes that property management isn’t just about collecting rent and charging a fee and that landlords and tenants can feel assured that they can get a hold of their Property Manager when they need to. That means answering the phone, responding to emails, returning messages and keeping the lines of communication open at all times. Wendy's reviews from her happy clients on the TCMRentals Coatal Facebook page say it all!

Wendy would love the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how she can manage and take the stress out of your investment property.